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New River Gorge, West Virginia

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You’ve Found The New River Gorge

And this is more than a website.

It’s a map to your time off. The New River Gorge is a place for families. For groups. For couples. There’s adventure to be found here. Relaxation, too. You’ve found an outdoor playground.

So read all of the sections. Call up and ask questions. Plan your trip to the New River Gorge. Chat with us. But above all, come here and visit. Because this is that place.

The World’s Best Whitewater

There was a time in your life when adventure meant something.

You know, back before commitment and responsibility took over? Weekends made up a vital part of your existence. Vacations were the stuff of legend. That feeling still exists in the New River Gorge, on the world’s best whitewater rafting. Come find it.

The Bridge

Around here, it’s known as the big bridge. It was the biggest arch bridge in the world at one time. We still celebrate it that way.

It’s the center of the vacation compass around here, also known as the New River Gorge Bridge. So go climb next to it. Paddle under it. Enjoy one of the trails near it. Walk through it! (That one’s new.) When you see it, you’ll know- it is something to celebrate.


Here’s what makes or breaks a vacation: lodging. We can help you find the perfect place for you. A secluded cabin in the forest. A Bed and Breakfast with a big front porch. A hotel within walking walking distance to town. Make your stay as important as your adventure. Do your lodging up right.


The New River Gorge has as many choices for dining in and dining out as there are appetites. From gourmet meals to simple fair, from on-the-go eats to slow roasted wild game barbecue, you can find plenty of good eating for everyone here in the gorge. This is the place to let your vacation eat, drink, and be merry!


Bridge Day is West Virginia’s largest one day festival. The reason? It’s also the world’s largest extreme sports festival. And watching people rappel and BASE jump off of one of the largest bridges in the world is a very big experience. And with the lure of whitewater rafting continually calling, there’s never a shortage of things happening around the New River Gorge.

Your Home Away From Home Until You Decide To Move Here

The New River Gorge. This Is That Place.