The New River Gorge CVB Brand: Uncovered, Not Built

While we can’t say for sure, we suspect launching our new brand is almost as exhilarating as launching off the New River Gorge Bridge with a parachute strapped to your back. But unlike the bridge, the New River Gorge CVB brand wasn’t built.

It was here all along. We just uncovered it.

The New River Gorge is the hub of outdoor adventure in West Virginia, and we’re pretty stoked to roll out a brand that captures everything that means. We are proud to present a new visitors guide and website inspired by the New River Gorge’s topography, color palette, and the people who live and play here.

The Topography
Our new brand taps into the feeling you get when you stand at the edge of Endless Wall and look out over the gorge or when you hike the intimate trails of Mann’s creek, anywhere in the gorge you feel the world beneath your feet or hands or tires or boat. The hills and hollers, the nooks and crannies, the soaring heights and hidden places harbor diverse experiences for all comers. Spanning from one side of the gorge to the other is the iconic New River Gorge Bridge, which fittingly provides a focal point for this incredible place.

The Hues
Depending on the season, the New River Gorge sports many different looks, but there are always comforting shades of browns and greens that keep us anchored to the natural beauty of the place. The brand palette is bold to reflect the adventure and jaw-dropping beauty of the area, yet muted to convey the relaxed pace of life here. No matter how intense your adventure, when it’s over, the chance to unwind is never far away whether enjoying unique dining experiences or soaking in a sunset.

The People
We worked with our partner agency, Digital Relativity, to tap into our diverse community to highlight what there is to do and see in the New River Gorge. We will be rolling out “playlists” created by people from the area showcasing their favorite places to provide a starting point to explore, relax, eat, and shop. To kick things off, we’re featuring the playlist of Maura Kistler, co-owner of Waterstone Outdoors and stalwart in the climbing community.

The New River Gorge brand isn’t just a set of colors and fonts and slogans, it’s about the things we do together here, the shared experiences. Our new brand is your new brand. It stems from old roots that keep people here and new roots put down by those drawn to the magic of this place. It embodies that moment when the New River Gorge fills visitor’s hearts whether from the mist clinging to the mountains after a spring rain or a friendly wave from one of the locals. We love that our brand reflects our community.

A partnership of like-minded people, working with mutual trust, uncovered the New River Gorge CVB brand. We trust the fruits of that partnership will inspire you to Go Gorge.