Saddle Up: Horseback Riding in the Gorge

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Looking for a unique way to explore the New River Gorge this summer? Take to the trails with a four-legged friend! Saddle up for a horseback riding excursion with your loved ones and experience the beautiful West Virginia landscape like never before. From the top of the mountains to the rim of the New River, our local outfitters will guide you through the best horseback riding trails. We’ve got the inside scoop from Montgomery’s Outdoor Adventures on what horseback riding in the New River Gorge is all about!

A Five Star Experience

Trying a new activity can seem intimidating, but with helpful guides and service that goes above and beyond, horseback riding in the Gorge is easy to do. The horses stay in a single-file line during the walk and never trot or gallop, making this activity great for anyone including young families. 

A common misconception about horseback riding is that you have to have experience with horses before you go. The reality is, though, that over half of the people who go horseback riding with an outfitter in the Gorge have never even been on a horse! Commercial riding has evolved over the years to become very beginner-friendly, and companies are fully licensed through the state of West Virginia. The professionally trained guides help ease your mind of worries while out on the trails. In fact, if you are still scared once you start riding the horse, the guides at Montgomery’s Outdoor Adventures will walk along the trails with you and your horse for the whole trip. 

What To Know Before You Go

The main thing to know before you head out on your trip is to dress for the weather. Long pants or shorts are fine, but if it’s raining, make sure to bring a jacket as they still ride in rainy conditions. Closed-toed shoes are a necessity, so leave the sandals and flip flops at home. Just remember that these are wooded rides, and you can brush up against bushes and briars. Another thing to note is that you need to call ahead to schedule your trip. And don’t be offended when they ask you about your weight — this helps in finding the perfect horse for you. 

Get To Know Your Horse

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Much like humans, every horse has its own personality and you’ll get to know each other during the ride. Listen to any particular instructions about your horse and feel free to ask your guide questions. Currently, Montgomery’s Outdoor Adventures has about 30 horses; from Pickles and Sweet Pea, to Conner and Lucy, the horses are as unique as their names. And next year they will have their zorse (half zebra, half horse) at the stables for anyone to see!

What Do You See

Montgomery’s Outdoor Adventures has access to privately owned land and their winding trails take you to the top of Sewell Mountain in the New River Gorge. Our other outfitters have access to land along the rim of the Gorge, Gauley River and more. These private trails are home to our area’s popular wildlife. Expect to see many deer and snapping turtles! The terrain of West Virginia won’t disappoint, either. The trails cross creeks and hills and often include scenic views. 

Currently, Montgomery’s Outdoor Adventures is located in Lookout, West Virginia, about a mile from Babcock State Park campground. They will be moving to a new location in Hico, West Virginia in April 2021. Get in touch with them to plan your trip! Or visit one of our other horseback outfitters to arrange the perfect outdoor excursion this summer.