The many faces of our wild, wonderful Gorge

It takes a village to make a vacation.
National Travel and Tourism Week is here! To celebrate, we’ve collected details about our local economy and how it’s impacted by visitors like you— and the many folks who keep the Gorge going.

The (tourism) Big Bang

Travel. Most of us associate it with a destination, fancy meals, and activities away from the computer. But if you take a closer look, tourism is a year-round boom. Some lucky person is always on vacation somewhere, right?
With that in mind, consider how travel impacts America’s economy. All of those vacationers have to eat and sleep and shop! And when you narrow things down to specific places— like the New River Gorge— the bang of tourism bucks goes especially far. Maybe you rent a cabin. Perhaps you fill up your SUV with marshmallows from the local grocery store. Then, you spend a week or two rafting, horseback riding, and exploring. Add a trip to Fayetteville for gourmet sandwiches and espresso, and you’ve helped (and met) an entire region!

Spend some “face time” with us!

No exaggeration: the whitewater ripple from your kayak to the hotel goes a long way. That’s why we’re so jazzed about National Travel and Tourism Week, which goes from May 7-13.
This year’s theme is “Faces of Travel.” Play along and see who you meet during your mountain vacation!
Make connections at places like:

  • The New River: Class V rapids make darn good stories. Chat with your whitewater guide!
  • The mountains: Discover the greatest views from world-class sandstone cliffs. Gorge outfitters are always happy to share some “beta” with you.
  • Gorge restaurants: Savor farm-fresh cuisine from imaginative chefs— and get plenty of travel advice from friendly wait staff, restaurant owners, and locals.
  • Small-town shops: The Gorge has some pretty unique boutiques. Check ‘em out and meet the creative folks and artisans who run these places.

Don’t forget to meet us, too! At the New River Gorge Convention and Visitors Bureau, we have handy vacation details and advice. We hope you’ll include us in your plans.
Bon voyage and happy National Travel and Tourism Week!