Defy Gravity on a Zip Line In the New River Gorge

Have you ever been zip lining?
If you have, then you know it’s an activity where you wear a harness, get attached to a cable with pulleys, and let elevation and gravity take you for a ride. Sound fun?
Well, gravity is alive and well in the New River Gorge.
And we’re not just talking about the Isaac Newton kind of gravity.  One of the coolest zip line adventures around is called Gravity. Designed with speed in mind, this zip line was built for the adrenaline-junkie crowd.

Gravity, photo by Adventures on the Gorge

Why Gravity?
In almost every sport, you’ll find opportunities to push the limits. For kayaking, it’s squirt boating. In skydiving, it’s BASE jumping and wearing a wing suit. And now zip liners have Gravity, here in the New River Gorge.
What can make a zip line more adventurous? One word: speed. And Gravity delivers. You’ll still get that famous WV natural beauty; it will just be flying by you at speeds of up to 60 mile per hour.
What Makes Gravity Different?
Gravity has an elevated platform on its first zip only. The rest of the lines go from ridge top to ridge top. You’ll still get a great elevated view, and one zip is 200 feet off the ground.  The territory it covers is very fitting for this area; it’s on an old pre-law strip mine.
The length of the zips at Gravity are also what make it unique. The shortest zips on Gravity are the first two “warm up” runs. They’re 500 feet each. After that, the rest of the zips are well over 1,200 feet long. And the best is truly saved for last here: a zip that covers 3,150 feet and has speeds that approach 60 mph.
So, are you ready to fly through the trees? Besides Gravity, you’ll find plenty of other zip line adventures in the New River Gorge. As if you needed another reason to visit!
See you on the line!