Patagonia Worn Wear Tour stops at Water Stone

Water Stone Outdoors will be a tour stop for Patagonia’s Worn Wear Tour on May 7.
WaterstoneThe Worn Wear Tour has 18 stops this year, and Water Stone is proud to be on the tour.
Maura Kistler said of the tour, “The Worn Wear Tour is asking us to redefine our relationship with our gear and our stuff.”
The concept behind the tour is promoting Patagonia’s commitment to sustainability. Patagonia is an industry leader in innovative, safe environmental manufacturing. They want their products to be high-quality apparel and gear that lasts for years of wear and adventure, so you don’t have to buy new gear every year. The Worn Wear Tour teaches people how to fix and repair their gear, while also capturing their stories.
In addition to learning how to fix your gear, you can buy used gear, learn how to weave old ropes into rugs, participate in the deadhang competition, eat breakfast courtesy of the American Alpine Club for a $5 donation, and enter to win prizes and cool gear for sharing your gear story.
For more info call Water Stone Outdoors at 304-574-2425.