Why You Should Come Back to the New River Gorge for Thanksgiving

Even though it’s mid-November, it’s still technically fall here in Gorge Country. Thanksgiving is next week, and there’s not better time to get back here and enjoy the New River Gorge again before winter officially arrives.
West Virginia is a natural halfway point for a lot of places in the eastern US, so meeting up with your spread-out family members here makes good sense. That, and the fact that there’s so much to do here that you’ll make your Thanksgiving visit about more than just eating way too much.

Gather in the Gorge for your Thanksgiving feast

Nature Hikes
Very different from hiking in the summer, fall hiking at this time of year in the Gorge can be very enjoyable. Tree leaves are fewer, meaning your view of the area changes greatly. From waterfalls and neat rock formations to stone walls or old coal mining structures, you will see so much more of what makes the New River Gorge special.
Another positive about hiking this time of year? The weather. Cooler temperatures mean that you won’t have to worry about the snakes or bugs that can be a concern during the summer. And as long as you are prepared, cooler days can make hiking much more pleasant. Wear layers and bring gloves and a hat.
Stay in Style in A Cabin
It’s no secret that one of the best ways to stay here in the New River Gorge is in one of our many cozy cabins. Especially if you are meeting up for a Thanksgiving family get-together. There are cabins that can accommodate just about any size of group. And bonus: finding the right one for your family should be a bit easier this time of year.
Shopping the Gorge
Lots of people associate Thanksgiving with shopping (Black Friday, anyone?). Well, the New River Gorge will keep even the biggest shopaholics satisfied. With local shops that have great art, pottery, jewelry and outfitters stocked up on tons of great outdoor gear, you’ll be glad you spent some time shopping in the New River Gorge. There’s no doubt you’ll find that one-of-a-kind, unique gift that you’ve been searching for.
Whether it’s to meet your family in a convenient spot for a Thanksgiving holiday gathering or just to get away for a few days to do some of the activities that make you happy, now’s the time to visit the New River Gorge. Are you headed our way soon?