Why We're Excited For Bridge Day 2012

Have you ever been to Bridge Day?
If you have, you already know about the fun and excitement this festival has to offer. And it’s getting better every year. Bridge Day 2012 is gearing up to be the best one yet.
Here’s why we’re excited and why you should be too.
New for 2012

This catapult will be on the Bridge.

BASE jumpers have been a main attraction at Bridge Day almost since the very beginning. Over the past decade, 400+ jumpers have descended upon the Bridge to take advantage of the chance to legally leap from this world renowned structure. BASE jumpers are definitely a crowd favorite and have continually found new and different ways to keep us entertained.
This year BASE jump coordinators are planning on offering a new twist. The folks at Vertical Visions have built a catapult that will launch the BASE jumpers from the Bridge. Yes, instead of the typical ‘diving board’ jump, a few folks will be sprung from a giant catapult. This option will be offered to 20 jumpers. You don’t want to miss seeing these inaugural jumps.
We’re Also Excited About…

  • Tandem BASE Jumps – Offered for the first time last year, tandem jumps allow non-jumpers to experience the thrill of BASE jumping off the Bridge. There is a fee to take part in this experience, and there are a limited number of slots. If you have the desire you’ll want to book soon.
  • High Line and Rappelling – We love the rappellers. One of the most special moments on Bridge Day is when rappellers underneath the Bridge raise the flags for the day. You can get a really good look at the rappel teams if you take either the Down Under Tour or Into the Gorge Shuttles. And, a little known fact, but the High Line is open to the public. This zip line/rappel hybrid is a really unique experience.
  • Tandem BASE Jump Video Contest – There’s another way you can get one of those tandem jumps. Bridge Day has partnered with Vertical Visions and Subaru to give away one jump. To win, create a video telling the world why you should be chosen to jump. Bridge Day’s Facebook fans will choose the winner. Plus, there’s a $1,000 prize to be given to the charity of your choice. Ready to start working on that video?
  • Taste of Bridge Day– This is a delicious way to start the weekend. The Taste of Bridge Day is hosted by the local Rotary Clubs and takes place the Friday evening before Bridge Day at Adventures On The Gorge. You’ll feast on special dishes from local and regional restaurants. It’s also a great chance to schmooze with other Bridge Day lovers.

There is also a lot of activity going on during and after Bridge Day, in and around the town of Fayetteville. Check out the farmer’s market, a car show, live music, and a Chili and Cornbread Cook-off.
What are you excited for at Bridge Day 2012?