A bigger, wilder waterpark!

Play faster, higher and stronger than ever at ACE’s Wonderland Waterpark.
This sprawling adventure lake has a ton of of new rides and upgrades— and still sports old favorites like the BLOB. 
What’s the BLOB? The concept is easy, but carrying it off requires some imagination. While you lie on the BLOB’s back— think of it as a giant inflated pillow— your friend jumps from a platform. You’ll launch into the air, spin around and land in the lake.
But the whole park is now new and better than ever!
ACE has 50 new jumbo inflatable toys. Slip n’ grip floats like:

  • Gigantic spinning Saturn balls (scale a slippery “planet” and see who can stay longer, you or your friend!)
  • See saws
  • A spinning tube— crawl inside and try to stay upright!
  • Obstacle courses
  • A 25-foot-tall mountain

Plus, there will be even more water slides, an indoor arcade, a wider beach and a larger patio for grilling.
It’s open in the warm months, all the way through late September. So hop on in!
Which new giant water toy will you try first?