Dine at Some of the Most Unique Restaurants in WV

The New River Gorge is a surprising hub of culinary genius, tucked into the small towns of the mountains. We have some of the state’s most unique restaurants.

Here are some of the standout eateries to stop into when you’re visiting the New River Gorge:

Café One Ten

This homestlye diner with a touch of Italian taste has a variety of unique specials every day, from classic favorites like hoagies and salads to creative dishes like kabobs and shrimp creole. Pizza, salads, pasta and seasoned steaks are regular features, and the dessert lineup is always changing. And they also serve up a mean Southern-style breakfast.

Must try: The spaghetti! It’s the special every Wednesday. served up with their signature meat sauce and garlic bread.


Chetty’s Pub serves up Appalachian-style bar eats in a rustic, casual atmosphere. Enjoy a burger or salad as yo watch your adventure highlights on the big screens. Or, opt to take in the mountain scenery on the deck atop the canyon rim. The view is beautiful, and it’s sealed up and still cozy in the winter.

Must try: If you like a little spice and a lot of cheesy tastiness, try an order of the creamy buffalo chicken dip. If you happen to be in on a Monday, it’s Wing Night! The house sauces are a must.

Cathedral Cafe

Set up in an ornate old church, Cathedral Cafe mixes up delicious specialty coffees and serves up a full menu of tasty lunch fare, from sizzling quesadillas to gooey paninis. If the quirky tabletop artwork doesn’t distract you, peek over their delicious array of fresh-baked sweets, and stroll around the shop, where you can find local artisan crafts and innovative upcycled goods.

Must try: Their thick, flavorful hummus. And, if you catch it on the specials board, their fanatically adrored white bean chicken chili.

Country Thai

You won’t want to wait to try this fare once you catch a hint of the scent walking in. Good thing it’s cafeteria-style, so you can grab a hot plate right when you arrive. The authentic Thai is cooked with fresh ingredients, and they’ve always got a diverse selection of curries, soups, stir-fry, noodles and more.

Must try: The spring rolls (which always get rave reviews), topped with a refreshing Thai tea.


This pizza and ice cream parlor looks like it’s been unchanged for decades. A long-standing community staple, the sports memorabilia decor supports the local school team, and sets a nice old-fashioned tone. The pizzas ooze with generous helpings of cheese, and the ice cream is served sundae-style. But you can also get sandwiches and other diner staples.

Must try: The ‘loaded’ supreme pizza, piled high with a monstrous mountain of meats and veggies.


The simplicity is the elegance of each cajun and creole-inspired meal at Gumbo’s. Enjoy a helping of local produce and meats, as well as freshly shipped seafoods, expertly crafted with a little spice. The dining room is often full of musicians, giving your ears a treat as delectable as your taste buds’.

Must try: A hearty seasoned shrimp or crawfish boil, if you can handle it! For something lighter, try the fried okra.

Los Vaqueros

Taste authentic Mexican cuisine, crafted with fresh ingredients and a few surprises. The extensive menu gives plenty of options: they serve salmon, sandwiches, salads and other treats alongside the authentic cuisine.

Must try: Anything smothered in their creamy queso.

Pies n Pints

“Pizza” seems almost like a misleading way to describe this cuisine. The fresh, all-natural pies are topped with fresh herbs like rosemary and mint, then sprinkled with fresh cheeses like gouda, gorgonzola and feta. Add on some (again, FRESH,) creative ingredients like grape, black bean or Sriracha shrimp. Then drizzled with creme fraiche, balsamic or horseradish crema. Sound like a lot of options? No worries. There’s enough beer to easily find something perfect to complement whatever you can dream up.

Must try: The grape pie, for both novelty and deliciousness, as well as every beer on the menu. (That’s a joke. That’s SO much beer.)

Secret Sandwich Society

Shhh! This sandwich speakeasy is one of our town’s most noted, so it tries to stay on the down-low. The presidential burgers and sammies are piled with fresh ingredients and truly unique homemade toppings, like chipotle-bacon jam, pimento spread, olive cream cheese, balsamic onions or pesto goat cheese.

Must try: Their famous Monday mac n cheese. It’s gooey with a little hint of spice, but you have to get there early to snag some.

Smokeys on the Gorge

This award-lauded gourmet buffet features a rotating menu of upscale Appalachian fare, featuring a nightly spread of succulent grilled meats, pastas, garden vegetable dishes and more. Their expansive salad bar features fresh fruits, imported cheeses, seafood and more. They also have a well-curated wine list. Eat on the back deck overlooking the iconic New River Gorge Bridge at sunset.

Must try: The bacon at breakfast time. We didn’t know bacon could taste better, but somehow they did it. It’s sweet with a little kick of pepper, just the right amount of crisp.

Three Gables Club

This little eatery opens up for dinner on the weekends, serving up some truly homestyle fare. Think gravy, applesauce, pork chops, green beans, pinto beans and all the other just-like-ma-used-to-make Southern favorites. They also have a selection of seafood, which you can pair with cottage cheese and peaches.

Must try: The baked steak, which is known as “the best in Fayette County.”

Which restaurants have you tried?