5 Things to Do & See in Thurmond, WV

Make the most of your visit to the historic ghost town of Thurmond, WV.
Thurmond, WVIf you’re in for Thurmond Railroad Day festival in June or the Thurmond Triathlon in August, here are some of the best stops to see while you’re in town:

1. Thurmond Depot & trains

This old rail station was once the C&O’s main stop, with more than 75,000 travelers passing through in a year. Thurmond was a boom town in the railroad heyday, and the depot was the center of transport.  It has been restored to its original glory and serves as a visitor’s center. You can picnic by city hall and watch modern-day coal trains go by.

2. The abandoned town

Though barely anyone lives in the town, you can still stroll the streets to get a sense of its golden era. The banks were once the richest in the state, and the bank is still one of the most intact buildings in the old commercial district. Several homes, a church, and coal and rail structures are still standing as well. You can find your way around with a Thurmond walking tour map.

3. Rend Trail

This popular rail trail was once the line between the coal mines and the main rail lines. It’s an easy, family-friendly stroll with plenty of scenery to enjoy. You can catch views of the town, the mighty New River and Dunlop Creek.

4. Dun Glen Day-Use Area

Take a serene trip out to the Dun Glen day-use area. Bring your fishing pole and cast a fishing line. If you have a small boat, go for a paddle out on the water.

5. Thurmond Rail Bridge

This road is the entryway into Thurmond, so while you’ll have to watch for any traffic, it’s a nice stroll over the water. You can look down through the railroad grates to the swirling river below.
What’s your favorite thing to explore in Thurmond, WV?