Take Comfort in a Gorge Plate: Warm Up with WV Comfort Food

We love to rave about the Gorge area’s unique and flavor-charged food scene, but have we mentioned yet that it’s also a great spot to find comfort foods? Especially in the cold winter months, when you’re looking to curl up inside with a warm, comfy meal.
Sink into an inviting plate of any of the following:

Comfort Food: Soup from Secret Sandwich Society in Fayetteville

Secret Sandwich Society soup
An ever-changing menu of steamy soups, Secret Sandwich Society’s soup of the day never fails to please. From compellingly creamy tomato basil to perfectly balanced chicken noodle that rivals you mama’s secret recipe,  there’s always something to treat your spoon to at the society hall. And, the standby— Society Spinach Bisque— is the menu’s staple soup for a reason! Yum!
Cathedral Cafe chili
White bean chicken chili from Cathedral Cafe. If your mouth isn’t watering, you’re imagining it wrong. This house favorite is a must-try for anyone in need of a hot bite. Who couldn’t love a lighter spin on traditional beef chili? Trading in the red meat for tender chicken and adding health-boosting beans is a positive improvement to a classic dish that manages to make it even more drool-worthy.
Appalachian Coffee & More coffees
Nothing’s more comforting after a winter wind whipping than a steaming cup of java. Appalachian Coffee & More brews up Oak Hill’s finest cup.  Straight coffee drinkers will love the Appalachian blend, and if you need a sugary kick, try a minty mocha latte. Add a gooey grilled cheese, and you’re set!
Los Vaquaros chips & salsa
The best part about Mexican restaurants is the quick-to-serve delectable tortilla chips and spicy salsa you can dig into almost right as soon as you get through the door. So it’s an easy pick to head for the best salsa in town at Los Vaquaros. You won’t be able to stop scooping, but don’t worry: they’ll bring more when you reach the bottom of the basket.
Chetty’s wings
How about heating up with a little spice? Chetty’s famous wings unite an entire town every week, and you can choose from flavors as kicking as Pure Screamin’ Hell or dialed-down as the Mild. Mix some flavor favorites with Garlic BBQ or Citrus Asian. Load up with a paper towel roll first, because they’re too good to waste time with utensils or other tools.
New River Exxon rolls
Sometimes, you can scrounge up the most satisfying comfort meals in the most unlikely places. New River Exxon, for example, cooks up some of the best simple Appalachian dishes in town. Pick up a West Virginia creation, a hot-baked pepperoni roll, on your way in from the chills. Add a side of mildly spiced macaroni-and-cheese to top off your perfect mountain meal.
Elliot’s potatoes
If melty, cheesy potatoes are your comfort food of choice, you can chow down on them in a variety of ways at Elliot’s Whitewater Grille. Get ’em fried and served up in sticks, or devour a plateful of entire tiny potatoes with stuffed bites as your side.
We’d love to keep listing more and more, but we’d be here forever, and now we’re salivating. We can’t resist the call of a delicious New River Gorge dinner when it calls!
Come down and discover more comforting selections for yourself! And tell us below what you like best!