Summit Adds Even More Adventure to the New River Gorge

The Boy Scouts of America’s Summit Bechtel Reserve high adventure center will finally be opening soon!
Kicking off with the 2013 Jamboree, the reserve will start offering adventure programs to Scouts from across the country, allowing a whole new crew of outdoor lovers to share the wonder of the New River Gorge.
Here’s a quick look at some of the long-term offerings the Summit brings to the Gorge:

Jamboree Visitor Passes

Jamboree celebration won’t be for Scouts-only! During this year’s first Jamboree, visitors will get access to a sampling of the Summit’s adventure sports, and to some of the activities, like a fireworks show. Visitors will not have the same options as the Scouts, but they will get unlimited access to certain adventure activities, including zip lining, skateboarding and more.

Adventure Facilities

The Summit has built its own additions! New features include 6 miles of zipline, 37 miles of biking trail and 13 acres of shooting sport land. It also includes a smaller hub of mini-adventures. The Action Point center will offer a zip lining canopy tour, BMX and mountain biking, obstacle courses and more mini-adventure activities.

Adventure Programs

Scouts will be able to participate in 7-day, high-adventure journeys. Four different trips will be offered in next year, and the list may grow. Crews will be able to sharpen their skills and take on their choice of either river paddling (rafting and kayaking), aerial adventures (climbing, zipping and rope courses), shooting sports (pistol shooting, rifle shooting, sporting clays and trap), or wheel-based sports (mountain biking, skateboarding and BMX).

Service Projects

In addition to the Jamboree’s massive service project series, the Summit’s scouting participants will continue to give back to the community with river cleanups, trail maintenance and other impactful projects throughout the Gorge. The sustainably-built Summit operates on the principle of “leave no trace,” so the scouts will be actively helping preserve the great outdoors for generations to come.
The Summit is bound to grow and develop further. More features are still being built. We’re excited to welcome the Summit to the New River Gorge, and we can’t wait to see what other excitement it will bring.
What Summit offering are you most excited about?