3 Reasons for a Spring Vacation in the New River Gorge

As the weather hops the line between cold and warm, now’s the best time to head to the New River Gorge for some excitement.
Here are 3 reasons spring is the best time for a gorge getaway.

1. Nature is at its best

New River Gorge, WVVibrant florals, lush greens, active wildlife, raging rapids— the spring really is nature’s formalwear. It’s flaunting its best. The wildflowers spring up in every color, standing out against the waves of thriving greenery. The cute little critters are out enjoying it, too.
Plus, it just feels nicer. Summer is hot, winter is freezing, and fall’s already descending into chill. Springtime sunshine feels great!
Looks great out, feels great out… and did you catch the part about the waves being huge? Because they are. Whitewater adventure flairs up for a big show in springtime.
This really could have been 3 reasons on its own. But there are more.

2. Small Crowds

If you’ve been for summertime (and fall) bustle, you know it’s a bunch of fun. But imagine enjoying nature without a crowd or noise. Just calm, quaint beautiful. It’s something entirely more personal.
Even if it’s the adventure you venture in for, there are fewer lines, and the fun spots are less cluttered. Which means… bingo! More fun for you.
That surfing hole you went back for last time you whitewater rafted? Do it again, with no wait. And again, if you want! Ziplining? You get clipped in for your ride quicker when you’re not waiting around for others to finish up. Soak in all the fun without having to share it.

3. Low Prices

And, the kicker: we’ve established that spring is the best season. But you can double up on the value, because spring prices for a lot of activities around the New River Gorge are actually cheaper in spring.  Get the best, and pay less.
It’s the area’s best kept secret.
What’s your favorite part about spring in the gorge?