Shop Small Business Saturday in WV

Did you know 90% of West Virginia’s businesses are small businesses?
Gauley River PotteryThat should make it easy to find one to support this weekend for Small Business Saturday. It’s like Black Friday, but better, because it supports local shop owners and workers.
The New River Gorge has so mom ‘n’ pop shops, you could make a whole day of it; In fact, we doubt you could hit all of them in a day.
Here are 5 great reasons to join us in the New River Gorge, WV, for Small Business Saturday.

1. You’ll find really (really) unique gift items

The best reason to shop anywhere is for the finds! If you’re looking to impress people with your presents this year, find the gifts they won’t. If Suzie can stroll to the department store and buy your gift herself, where’s the thought in that? Seek out something interesting.
Something one-of-a-kind. Stores like Antiques at Aide’s or the New River Antique Mall will be filled with unique gift ideas. Breathe new life into pieces of the past.
Or, try something handcrafted. Running Horse Pottery has amazing artisan works, and Antique Quilts and More features hand-stitched blankets. If your giftee is really adventurous, what about a gift card to NRG Ink for a personalized, artful tattoo?

2. You can find amazing deals

Yes, bigger retailers can offer some great deals, but so can smaller shops! In fact, you can stumble upon much better offers at your local stores, if you look.
Many small businesses have discounts and deals for Small Business Saturday, and they’ll probably have deals for the holidays, too.
A great tip? Follow local businesses on Facebook. They’re more likely to give away discounts or have contests via social media. It can mean great perks for you. For example:

3. Know what you’re buying

Make educated shopping decisions buying from passionate people. These business owners are usually the ones running the day-to-day, and their shop is full of what they care about, their expertise. Ask questions. They can give you honest reviews of and tips for their products.
The friendly staff at Waterstone Outdoors include some of the best climbers in the area. And that’s saying something, in canyon side community of hundreds of the country’s best climbing routes. Get gear you can trust be asking advice from professionals.

4. See behind-the scenes

You can buy more than just a product from a local shop. You can get a story.
Tamarack features several of West Virginia’s top artisans, and some show off their skills there in the building. Watch glassblowing, wood carving and more, right before your eyes. See the process that goes into crafting each gorgeous piece of art.

5. Your money is helping a local entrepreneur

You know where your money is going when you buy locally. It stays in the shop, getting passed on to the employees who helped you, helping buy holiday gifts for an entrepreneur, or furthering that entrepreneur’s dream.
You’re buying from your hardworking neighbors, not a corporate system. Doesn’t that just make you feel warm and fuzzy?
If you can’t be in the New River Gorge area for Small Business Saturday, find small businesses near you with American Express’s small business finder map.
Where are you shopping on Small Business Saturday?