Best Selfies in the New River Gorge

There’s nothing better than looking great in a selfie, except looking great with a jaw dropping background.
highline2The New River Gorge and surrounding area has backdrops that will wow and impress. Whether you capture yourselfie at arms’ length or with the ubiquitous selfie stick, we guarantee these are #selfies you’ll have to snap, post and share:

Under the Bridge

Selfies from under the New River Gorge Bridge on Bridge Walk not only show how fearless you are of heights, if you angle your camera correctly you’ll also capture the incredible engineering of the steel. #bridgewalk

Long Point

Selfies from Long Point prove that you’ve hiked right into the middle of the gorge and give you the opportunity to play with depth perception. Hold the New River Gorge Bridge in the palm of your hand. #nrg

Little Bridge, Big Bridge

Snapping your awesome selfie on the little bridge with your camera angled up lets you capture the steep V-slope of New River Gorge, and the Big Bridge, too. #awesome

Mystery Hole

Southern West Virginia’s most mysterious stop will definitely give you some fantastically unexplained backdrops. While cameras are not allowed inside the Mystery Hole, snapping your artsy perplexed selfie by the VW Bug sticking out of the building will let your friends know your visit to Southern West Virginia was anything but normal. #mysteryhole

The One That Didn’t Get Away

The New River Gorge is a fishing haven. Make sure you get a selfie with the one that didn’t get away, or enlist your guide to help capture the battle of the one that did. #fishing

Forest Canopy

You’re zipping through the forest canopy at speeds upwards of 30 miles per hour, so your shot mid-action will be blurred. Or you can capture yourself post-zip/full glow with the steep incline behind you. #adrenelinejunkie

Diamond Point

The views from Diamond Point capture the immense and spectacular beauty of the New River Gorge, the cliffs and the river. You’ll have to hike the #1 trail in the US (Endless Wall) to capture this #1 selfie. #winning

Mountain Biking

You’ll want to angle your camera down to capture your mud splattered self and the technical biking trail you just crushed. We recommend you cruise the loops at Arrowhead until you find the one that makes your selfie shine. #mountainbikewv

Rappelling at Beauty Mountain

You stepping off a cliff into the New River Gorge, rigged up in rappelling gear and helmet. #adventure #awesome


You, balancing on a board, floating on sparkling water, sun-kissed and smiling— need we say more? SUPing is the fastest growing watersport in America and you can SUP on just about any waterway in the area. #sup

Kaymoor Stairs

You’ve always known you were a cardio beast, and by snapping your selfie at the bottom of Kaymoor’s 846 stairs everyone else will know it, too. #beastmode

Whitewater Rafting

You’re gonna want to plan this one with your guide so you don’t lose your awesome selfie to the River. You in a raft, in the gorge, surrounded by whitewater. #yolo
We’re pretty sure this list will get you started in right direction for great selfies and great adventures in the New River Gorge. Don’t forget to @mention us or to hashtag, so we can share in your selfie awesomeness: #nrgselfie
What’s your best #NRGselfie? Share it with us!