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New River Gorge Trails

Trails. The New River Gorge has plenty and is building more!

Hiking. Biking. Horseback riding. There is a trail here for you no matter how you choose to enjoy your time in the woods.

To make sure you have a great time on the trail, we have some simple tips for a successful day hike in the New River Gorge.

Some Hightlights

Rend Trail

An easy grade and wide, smooth trail make the Rend Trail one
of the most popular trails in the park. It is great for hikers of all ages
and levels of fitness, and a great start for beginning mountain bikers.
Hiking the entire trail involves a 6.4 mile round-trip journey,
though many will choose a shorter 2.5 mile round-trip to the main
overlook and back. Along the way, there are good views of Dunloup
Creek, the New River, and the historic community of Thurmond.

The trail was originally constructed in 1906, as a railroad line to
haul coal from the mines in Minden to the main line tracks in
Thurmond. The rail line was abandoned in 1972, and now it is hikers
and bikers that follow this historic route. There are five railroad
trestles that are crossed along this trail. From the Main Overlook
visitors are presented with a great view of the New River . Trains
can be seen travelling the gorge, still carrying coal, though the coal
is no longer mined within the gorge. In the summer months it is
common to see fleets of whitewater rafts floating by on the river.

White Oak Rail Trail

The White Oak Rail Trail is a 7.5 mile easy trail within the city of Oak Hill. The best place to access the trail is from the Oak Hill Train Depot at the Bud Hill Memorial Trailhead on Central Ave.

When standing at the trailhead, looking at the Depot, if you go left, you can go 2.3 paved miles to Carlisle. If you go right, the trail is paved for 2 miles.