10 WV Restaurant Dishes to Add to Your Thanksgiving Table

Bring something special to the holiday table this year.
Secret Sandwich Society chipsLooking for something unique and delicious? Don’t dirty up your pots and pans. Pick up some of the best of the New River Gorge, WV.
Several local restaurants have signature dishes to impress everyone at the table, and guaranteed to please.
Here are a few of our top picks: 

Secret Sandwich Society- Chips (and bacon jam)

Yes, it seems strange to start a list like this with chips, but Secret Sandwich Society’s homemade seasoned chips will make you disappointed by every bagged chip you buy afterward. You can order them with their signature French Onion Dip, and we recommend a side of bacon jam, too. The bacon spread is great for dipping, too, and paris well with the dip.

Tamarack- Fried Green Tomatoes

A Southern delicacy, these veggies are sliced, breaded and deep-fried to perfection. Tamarack’s chefs have these treats down to a science. You can also get them on a sandwich, with bacon and swiss. But that’s a little harder to share with the family. Tamarack will also have full dinners and traditional sides available for pickup on Thanksgiving Day.

Pies N Pints- Hot Wings

Turkey might reign over the traditional Thanksgiving table, but these spicy chicken wings from Pies and Pints will make you reconsider that. Each wing is dry rubbed and marinated in sriracha, citrus, garlic an cilantro, then grilled till the outsides are crisp. It comes with a side of creamy Gorgonzola dipping sauce.

Tudor’s Biscuit World- Biscuits

Trade your plain dinner rolls for the soft, flaky deliciousness of Tudor’s. Their biscuits are pumped with butter till they’re bulging, and baked to be golden on the top but fluffy in the middle. Get them with gravy, or slather them with your favorite flavors of jellies and jams.

Cathedral Cafe- The Coffee & Hummus

Cathedral Cafe’s coffee is tops, and it makes a wonderful post-meal beverage to relax with. And order their homemade hummus to share while the table’s still being set. It’s a healthful and delicious starter snack.

Blue Smoke Salsa- Pepper Jelly

Mild Pepper JellyBlue Smoke Salsa’s surprisingly delicious addition to your turkey for a little bit of flavor. If that’s too adventurous, try the hot salsa. With several levels of hot to climb, the basic kettle-cooked hot salsa packs a flavorful, warm kick but it’s not too hard to handle. If you’re really averse to heat, go for the mild and sweet peach salsa.

Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant- Jalapeño Poppers

With a pop of powerful flavor, Giuseppe’s fried pepper poppers are a far cry from traditional, but what’s a meal without a little creativity? Besides the spice of a jalapeño mellows out nicely when paired with stuffing an potatoes.

Hawk’s Nest Restaurant- Hot Pepper Pie

Eat pie as part of the entree instead of dessert, with some simple but creative home cookin’ from Hawk’s Nest. Their spicy hot pepper pie includes ground seasoned chuck, red and green peppers, onion and four cheeses baked into a flaky pie crust.

Dory’s Grille- Fresh Fruit Cobbler

Made with a fruit selected daily by the chef, the fresh cobbler at Dory’s Grille is the perfect dessert to end a Thanksgiving feast.
Now that we look at it, this list creates a perfect New River Gorge Thanksgiving menu itself.
Grab a dish or two to take to your family. Just be sure to call ahead to give the chef time to prep, and for pricing and hours.
Which New River Gorge, WV, dish do you want to see at your Thanksgiving table?