The Best Ways to Relax in the New River Gorge

It’s easy to to relax among the scenic, serene New River Gorge nature.

The natural wilderness is calming, but you can also find plenty of ways to ease your mind among the mountains.

WV yogaHere are our favorite ways to relax in the gorge:


Breathe deep, stretch deep and rejuvenate with a yoga session. Get the full view of the gaping New River Gorge from the deck along the canyon rim at Adventures on the Gorge. Each Sunday morning, take the scenery in and let your worries flow out.


Take an easy trek along the winding trails. Walk into the secluded forest, and get your blood flowing. Take the time to notice the nature around you, from the birds overhead to the lush plant life. Choose a trail that ends with a beautiful overlook of the sweeping scenery.


Set out on a pontoon on Summersville Lake. Glide across the waters and gaze out over the rising cliffs around you. Hop in for a swim, lay back and enjoy the cool waters flowing around you. Then climb back aboard and sweep around, letting the wind whip across your face.


Head out on a sturdy raft onto the mighty New River to cast out your reel, or drop in a line along the banks (just watch for boaters!) Lakes in the area are also stocked with fish, so you can sit back and reel in a variety of catches  all day.

Hot Tubs & Massages

Many of the secluded cabins tucked into the forest have bubbling, private hot tubs you can dip into for a warm, relaxing dip after a long day of exploring. Immerse yourself in the soothing water and watch the sun fade away across the sky. Or schedule a personal massage, and have all your kinks kneaded comfortably away.

Kicking Back with Gourmet Flavor

Grab a great friend, and enjoy friendly company over gourmet dining, fine wine and beautiful, natural scenery. Perched atop the canyon rim, Smokey’s on the Gorge simmers up a gourmet buffet, so pair your dishes of choice with a signature wine. Hawk’s Nest Restaurant‘s dining room overlooks the park, so you can enjoy Appalachian favorites with a pristine view.

How do you relax in the New River Gorge?