Plan Your Dream Wedding in the New River Gorge

Getting hitched? Want to remember it not just because you’re saying “I do,” but because you’re exchanging those vows in one of the most beautiful, culturally colorful areas in the world? The New River Gorge is exactly what you’re looking for.

Setting Your Scene

The New River Gorge is basically a multi-county spanning perfect backdrop, sculpted and perfected by nature, begging for a photo. So it takes almost no effort to assemble a picturesque ceremony anywhere in the area.
For a glamorous wilderness wedding, try The Confluence Resort’smore than 50 acres of cliffside, forest and field. Their network of preferred vendors allows them to help you piece together all the details for your perfect day hassle-free.

A Wedding at the Confluence Resort. Photo by Emily Porter Photography.

Overlooking the Gorge from atop its peak, Smokey’s  expansive deck is a perfect blend of convenience and wild beauty. A part of the Adventures on the Gorge resort, using this venue makes it easy to find space for your guests, as well as outdoor activities like zip lining or rafting.
Slide down to the scenic Opossum Creek Retreat, where every Southern Belle bride will find a friendly staff eager to ease the burden of planning her big day. They’ll help with everything right down to grocery shopping. With cabins and great indoor and outdoor spaces all right on site, it’s a hassle-free way to get hitched without a hitch.

A Mountain State Touch

Enhance your ceremony with some color: cover it with native wildflowers, or deck it with your favorite florals. There are several local florists that have the unique touch it takes to balance out each arrangement. Bessie’s Florists (Oak Hill), Ansted Floral (Ansted) and Webb’s (Beckley) all have expertly mixed arrangements, and  will work with you to create a palette and petals to match your theme.
For extra fun for your guests and to make sure you don’t miss all the little blossoming moments at your reception, add a few disposable cameras to each table at the reception. Your loved ones can snap away and show you their own take on your special day.

Flavors with Flair

Give your wedding a nod to the olden days with cute favors from the Chimney Corner country store. Show your guests your appreciation for sharing your lives and special day with edibles like penny candies and coal cookies or keepsake coal figurines.
For something simple, mason jars are the epitome of primitive country class. The old-fashioned canning jars seal tightly and are easily repurposed. For a simple, tasteful and tasty favor, get some mini mason jars full of apple butter, honey or a canned fruit as sweet as the union between you and your love.
Can up some local flavor with award-winning Blue Smoke Salsa. Treat your friends to kettle-cooked flavors from peach to hot or pass out a unique treat like pepper jelly and guacamole chips.
If you want to hand out something less ephemeral than food, clip some keepsakes or photos to a carabiner from Waterstone Outdoors. You can get twist-sealing versions of the clips so guests can later use them to keep keys or other items secure on an outdoor adventure or just during everyday expeditions.

Party Planning

Add a folky kick to your reception and toss a few WV favorites, like “Country Roads” or “Wagon Wheel.” Learn a few basic folk dance steps like the grapevine, and make up a little jig to teach your friends on the dance floor. Whether you’ve got a live band or a DJ, a few classic folk tunes should be an easy addition.
While some venues include meals, there are lots of caterers to choose from in the Gorge area. Gourmet on the Gorge specializes in triple-tiered custard, berry and mousse-filled cakes, and can specially-tailor your menu.
Want more? We’ve thrown a lot of wedding ideas your way, but you can get a constant stream of ideas by following this Outdoor and WV Wedding pin board on Pinterest.
What are some of your favorite wedding ideas?