Make Like a Bird and Take Flight

No, I’m not talking about a bi-plane ride or even a helicopter tour over the New River Gorge. I’m talking about an amazing ‘self-propelled’ flight that finds you racing through the treetops with the birds.

Zip Line at Burning Rock

It’s called many names: zip lining, zipping, canopy tour or (some might say) crazy.

Jokes aside, it’s quickly becoming the hottest new outdoor adventure activity in the New River Gorge region. It’s unique, family-friendly, educational and almost anyone age 10 & older can do it.

New River Gorge Zipline and Canopy Tours

Our area has quickly become a zipline and canopy tour hotbed. There is no shortage of ziplines to try. Here are some of the New River Gorge area offerings.

One Example

An example of one of the area tours can be found at TreeTops Canopy Tour , located at Adventures on the Gorge.

As with every tour in the area guides fit everyone up in a harness, helmet and gloves and provide instructions. At TreeTops, once you have geared-up it’s off to school… ground school that is. On a lower cable (about 5 feet off the ground) guests learn the basics of proper zipline techniques and get a safety overview.

Once everyone ‘passes’ school, it’s off to the trees!

What’s It Like?

At TreeTops, like any other canopy tour, the first two zips are fairly short, allowing everyone to feel more comfortable and build confidence.

Being nervous at first is normal – its part of the fun!

By the time most people get to the third zipline they are relaxed and taking in the scenic views of spectacular Mill Creek canyon below.

Guides share stories about the local history of the area and point out interesting plants and wildlife. Everyone learns about the invasive Hemlock Woolley Adelgid, a pest that is destroying our nation’s Eastern Hemlock trees. At TreeTops, one dollar from each person’s fee for the tour is matched and goes towards conservation / treatment efforts to help save these ‘redwoods of the east’. Guests also walk across 5 sky-bridges, take 3 short hikes to gain elevation and end with a gentle rappel down from the final platform.

It never gets boring and I learn something new every time. But best of all, truth be told… I get to fly!

New River Gorge Blog Post By:

Lisa Gale — Marketing Manager for Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park – ATV Riding and Zip Lines