Can’t Miss Photo Opportunities in the New River Gorge

When you vacation, if you are like most folks, you take quite a few pictures. Right?
Photos help you not only recall the moments better when you are looking back years later, but also helps to show others what the amazing things you are telling them about actually looked like. Describing a large bridge and a great picture of the New River Gorge Bridge can be two completely different images to someone.

View of the New River Gorge Bridge From Canyon Rim Visitor Center

One problem with being in an area for the first time, is not knowing where a good photo opportunity may be lurking. Many good pictures can become great shots if you know a little more about where to look. Here are some of the best opportunities to take a wonderful picture here in the New River Gorge.
New River Gorge Bridge Shots
You would think with the New River Gorge Bridge being as large as it is, taking a picture of it would be pretty easy. A lot of times the hardest part is getting the whole bridge in the picture. But knowing that there are many good vantage points can help you get the perfect shot.
Some of the best picture spots for the New River Gorge Bridge include:

  • Canyon Rim– this park service visitor center has multiple opportunities for photos. An above panoramic side view is possible from the top over look. An arch level view can be obtained by walking the 277 stairs down to the lower overlook.
  • Rt 82. (Fayette Station road)– This winding one and a half lane road (“mostly” one way so pay attention) crosses under the bridge three times and allows some great close up shots of the bases of the arch and can help give perspective to how large some of its parts are. A water level view of the NRGB can be taken from the Fayette Station bridge at the bottom of the gorge.
  • Long Point– this picture will tax you a little bit due to the 1.6 mile hike to get there but the view from Long Point gives you a wonderful unobstructed view straight on at the bridge from about ½ a mile away. The hike is very easy and definitely worth it, especially when the fall leaves change.

Scenery, scenery, scenery
The Bridge isn’t the only picture that is worth taking here. The NRG has some fantastic views waiting for you to discover. While in the NRG area here are just a couple other photo ops you can easily make yours.

  • Beauty Mountain– right on the rim of the Gorge resting high above the whitewater section. From this view point you can see more than 3 miles of the Gorge’s beauty.
  • Hawks Nest State Park– this little WV state park is located near Ansted, on the Western edge of the NRG boundary. Multiple overlooks give you wonderful views of the lake, dam and NRG.

These are just a few of the many opportunities for great scenery shots here in the New River Gorge. Just keep your camera handy because you never know when that picture you’ve been trying to find is going to appear.
Do you have a favorite picture taken in or around the Gorge?