New River Gorge Campgrounds and Fall Camping Essentials

Fall in West Virginia is a great time to camp. The summer crowds have diminished, the temperatures are cooler and  the bugs have all but disappeared. There are many camping options in the New River Gorge area,  but camping in the fall can be a much different experience. Knowing what to expect and what you need to bring can help you stay comfortable and have a trip to remember.
Essentials for Comfortable Camping
What follows is a list of necessities for comfort while enjoying autumn camping in the Mountain State.

Make Camping Comfortable

  • Tarps – An essential item as the weather in WV changes about as often as the hour does. Normal fall showers can dampen even the most stoic camper’s spirits. Having good tarps above and below one’s tent and camping area can be the difference between camping or floating.
  • Temperature rated sleeping bags – Fall temperatures can dip into the mid to low 30’s at night. Make sure the sleeping bag you are using is designed to accommodate these temperatures for comfort while you sleep.
  • Propane or gas lantern– It gets dark pretty early here in the mountains, especially if you’re camping down low. This style of lantern provides quality, long-lasting light. Hang one or two in camp and you can cook, eat or just relax and talk for hours.
  • Headlamp or small flashlight – Whether you are camping in a campground or a more a remote area, when nature calls in the middle of the night you are going to have a hard time finding your way around without light.  Everybody should really have their own flashlight of some sort.
  • Comfortable slip-on shoes – An essential piece of camping gear if you are tent camping. They save the tent floor from grime or wear and tear.  Added bonus: slip-on shoes save you from tying sneakers every time you go in or out of your temporary home.

These are just a few of the essentials you should consider when packing for a camping outing.
Camping Opportunities
Curious about where to camp in the New River Gorge?  Here are some options:

These are just some of our area campgrounds.  The New River Gorge also has plenty of remote camping spots. No matter what type of camping experience you’re looking for, rest assured: you’ll find it around the Gorge.
Do you have any other suggested camping essentials?