New to the Gorge? New River George can help!

Meet your best guide to the New River Gorge area: New River Georgenew river gorge
Whether you’re a whitewater rafter, a climber or a nature buff, there’s a lot to love about the New River Gorge— a lot. With our newest tour guide, you won’t miss a thing!
“Just call me the Steve Irwin of Appalachia,” George said. “I know this wild place better than anyone!”
Ever seen him strolling along a trail? He’s instantly recognizable, from his sunburned nose to his trusty fedora, complete with a lime-green leaf.
“My favorite local critter has to be the hellbender,” he said. “Ever seen one of those? They’re pretty dang weird— that’s what makes ‘em so neat!”
But then again, George likes all of the Gorge’s animal residents. Just ask him, and he’ll tell you where to spot anything from scarlet tanagers to pink lady’s slipper orchids.
To George, the Gorge is one vast community. The sparkling rivers and tufted forests are homes for adventurers, animals, hikers, plants and visitors alike. That definitely means there’s a lot going on, all the time.
“Tick ‘em off your fingers,” George said, referring to local highlights. “America’s best whitewater rafting, more than 65,000 acres of wilderness, rare birds and plants, waterfalls, creative meals…
He definitely brings a wild personality to the Gorge.
“Ever need advice or travel ideas? I’m always on Instagram. Follow me at #FollowGeorge and #NewRiverGeorge, and I’ll point you towards the Gorge’s most spectacular trails, restaurants, rivers and views!”