Memories From The River: An Upper Gauley Girls Trip

Having a baby is life-changing. Lack of sleep, breastfeeding, baby-weight and raging hormones were just a few of the post-baby side effects I experienced after my son was born. Despite the fact that I was lacking confidence, out of shape and completely overwhelmed with my new reality, I couldn’t say “no” when a girlfriend invited me to paddle a shredder down the Upper Gauley River. I was eager to feel a glimpse of the freedom, joy and excitement the river had brought me through the years. And once we pulled away from shore, I completely forgot about all the heavy weight on my shoulders. With each stroke, I felt lighter and more like my old self. We called out instructions at the same time, and that made us giggle. We made some lines and completely botched some others, and that made us laugh so hard that tears streamed down our faces. The Upper Gauley did for me that day, what the river has always done — it set me firmly back into the present moment, reminded me not to take myself so seriously and that feeling joy is what it’s really all about. 

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