Local Jargon You Might Hear at Bridge Day

Bridge Day brings crowds of people into this area from all over the world.  In fact, out-of-towners make up a large portion of the Bridge Day population. But this is an event locals have been coming to for years and never miss.

BASE Jumping on Bridge Day

If you happen to be from another state (or even another country) and you chat with a local, there’s a chance you may hear some new or different expressions. Such as:

  • O’er yonder – It means over there but doesn’t describe exactly how far. “The funnel cake man is o’er yonder and man, are they good.”
  • Smack dab – A specific place. “The BASE jumpers are smack dab in the middle of the bridge.”
  • Holler – You may hear the Gorge referred to as this. “They have a shuttle that’ll take you down into the holler so you can watch from the river.”
  • Poke A bag. “All the people on the Bridge must have been shopping because they are all carrying pokes.”
  • Smidgin’ – The tiniest little bit.  “I only got a smidgin’ of sugar on my funnel cake.”

What are some other expressions you’ve heard WV locals use?