Home for the holidays? Check out what's new!

More restaurants and attractions have come to the New River Gorge this past year. If you’re hosting friends and family for Christmas, treat them to some local color and flavor!

Top Knot Coffee and Artisan Shop

Meet Oak Hill’s first micro roaster! Locally owned and operated, Top Knot is a pleasant little retreat. Cheerful alpaca themes greet you the second you enter the door. Beautiful sweaters, rugs, and wool fill the shelves, their colors warming the cafe. It’s an unexpected touch, but a pleasing one; owner Daniel Harding and his family raise the furry creatures, which you can visit upon request.
Just as welcoming are the drinks. Top Knot coffee and espresso is fresh and ground daily from South American beans. Homemade muffins and hot sandwiches are another specialty.

Epic Escape Game— New River Gorge

While Fayetteville is known for outdoor recreation, it doesn’t lack for indoor entertainment, either. Do you love riddles? If so, Epic Escape Game— New River Gorge shouldn’t be missed!
Simply put, Epic Escape Game is an interactive mystery. Games vary in difficulty. Regardless of which scenario you pick, all of them are in a “locked” room. Each one is timed, too. Can you find all of the clues within an hour?
Here are the games you can play in Fayetteville:

  • Runaway Train (easy): you’re riding towards Thurmond when the conductor makes a terrifying announcement: the engineer has disappeared! Even worse, the tracks are incomplete at the next stop. Can you stop the train in time?
  • Mothman (moderate): Point Pleasant’s legendary monster has a lair in the New River Gorge, which you discover during a hike. Unfortunately, a storm seals off the entrance. Only an hour separates you from the beast’s return …
  • Brave New World (difficult): somebody has armed a nuclear missile, and it’s targeted at America. Only you can cancel the launch sequence— provided you can find the codes in time.

Hawks Nest Lodge Restaurant

Tucked away in Ansted, Hawks Nest State Park overlooks prime whitewater territory. The 270-acre wilderness has captivating overlooks of the New River, miles of trails, and seasonal tram rides.
Another highlight was the restaurant; while not technically new, it has been closed for restoration. Updates should be finished by February 2018, so stay tuned!
Have fun! Which newcomer is your favorite?