Historic Fayette Theater Brings Characters to Life

Could you reach your dreams with $34 million?
WV Fayette TheaterFollow the story of a man who hit it big, but doesn’t find it so simple to reach his dreams. It’s the production of Manny and Moo Moo, the next performance for the Historic Fayette Theater.
The award-winning acting troupe is bringing a broad assortment of characters to life this season on stage. 
Some of the characters aren’t even alive. A ghost lingers in the tale of a man whose perfect home is already inhabited by a former Confederate soldier. (The Contrite Spirit, July 2014)
And yet the most mysterious character of the season is not the persistent spirit. It’s the “spy.”
She swoops in, with her thick accent, upon a simple guy. He kindly takes her home, only for her to be murdered. Suddenly, his seemingly dull life is on-the-run from a mysterious organization, The 39 Steps. (The 39 Steps, September 2014)
Others on stage will share their stories through their wardrobe, recounting touching moments with a lighthearted laugh. (Love, Loss and What I Wore, October 2014)
The holidays will round up a cast at the Willow Inn, where a snowstorm drives in unexpected guests, with whom all is not as it seems. (You Better Watch Out, November 2014)
Some of the season’s characters aren’t characters at all. The local youth will be taking the stage to show off their skills with a host of holiday tunes. (New River Youth Symphony and Chorus, December 2014)
And the outdoorsmen of our area will also be sharing the spotlight in the annual Whitewater Video Competition, featuring all the highlights of the river season immortalized on film. (Whitewater Video Competition, October 2014)
Which characters will you be watching?