Haunted New River Gorge Trails, Tales and Ghost Towns

The New River Gorge is gearing up for Halloween, from family-friendly frights to real ghosts!

Haunted Trails

Whipple Company StoreGrab the family for a fright! Check out these haunted trail attractions for Halloween.

Haunted BridgeWalk

Take a walk across the iconic steel-arch New River Gorge Bridge this October, and you might have more to fear than the height. Take a BridgeWalk across the catwalk Oct 25-27 and ghostly characters will guide your way.

The Haunted Trail

Make your way through the woods at Little Beaver State Park in Beckley, and try not to let the ghouls and goblins get you! Family-friendly fun for all ages.

Haunted Tales

Looking for some real haunts? They may be a little see through, but the locals will assure you these ghosts are real.

The Whipple Company Store

This old company store is full of dark history. Beginning as a company store, the miners of the town were tied to the building, paid in scrip that was only usable there. It seems many of them owed debt after their deaths, because they still linger. Coffins still lie in wait in the basement of the building from its time as a funeral home, which only brought about more ghost sightings.
You can take haunted tours here, but there won’t be costumed spooks. Instead, you will learn the true tales of tragedy from within its walls.

Babcock Cabin #13

The site of a grisly killing, cabin #13 at Babcock State Park is said to still host the soul stolen that night. The woman appears still in her night gown, peering through the window. Or her sobs are heard echoing from inside. Though her husband claimed that the couple had been attacked, there is evidence to suggest his own motives for murder. Perhaps the victim lingers in the par to share the true story of her untimely demise.

Glen Ferris Inn

The friendly, bearded poltergeist that is said to haunt this historic inn is more playful than frightful. The Colonel, as they call him, can be heard walking about the halls and closing doors. He can also be seen, from time to time, floating around in his Confederate uniform with no legs or feet.

Ghost Towns

Okay, there probably aren’t really ghosts here, but the deteriorating ruins of these old towns are pretty haunting to see. There are several in the Gorge, but here are a few favorites.


Take the Rend Trail out into the Gorge, across old rail trestles until you reach historic Thurmond. Once a booming rail town, you can still stroll down its Main Street and visit the train depot (which still takes limited runs in and out of the Gorge.)


Accessible by several trails bearing its name, Kaymoor is overgrown, but still littered with mining equipment. It was built in two segments, and upper and a lower, because there wasn’t enough room at the bottom for the whole town. Be sure to take all 821 stairs down to explore Kaymoor Bottom.


This tucked-away, abandoned mine town still includes a long conveyor and a few other homes and structures. There are several interpretive signs around the property that paint the picture of the heyday of the little settlement.
What’s your pick for a haunt this Halloween?