Halloween Haunts and History in the Gorge

ACE Adventure Resort’s Nightmare in the Gorge

From family-friendly frights to ghost town tours, we are gearing up for Halloween in the Gorge! Whether it’s the candy, costumes or haunts that you love about the holiday, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this month in the New River Gorge.

Halloween Festivities

Nightmare in the Gorge

ACE Adventure Resort’s Nightmare in the Gorge Haunted Attraction is back again this year with all new characters and storylines! Try to escape the 6,000 square foot haunted maze and fight off the sinister spirits roaming the trails. Nightmare in the Gorge is primarily located indoors, so it is open rain or shine. Advanced online ticket purchases are required this year to accommodate limited groups, staggered entrance times and social distancing. Book your tickets now! 

Halloween Party at Rivers Expedition 

Celebrate Halloween early with a costume party at River Expeditions on October 10 and 11. Enjoy a Saturday night at the Red Dog River Saloon and Grill with karaoke, contests, prizes and drink specials. Plus, discover spooky savings on all Gauley River rafting trips and camping packages! 

Pumpkin House

Oak Hill’s annual Pumpkin House returns! Registration for the pumpkin carving contest opens on Saturday, October 24, at 9 a.m. And the winning pumpkins will be announced the following day. You can enter an unlimited number of pumpkins to be judged, and there will be cash prizes awarded in each category! Pumpkins will be on display for public viewing from October 24 until November 2 at the Historic Lewis House. For more information on the contest, check out the Facebook event

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Virtual Reading

This month the Historic Fayette Theater will be producing a virtual reading of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Stay connected for updates on Facebook


Haunted Tales

According to local lore, the New River Gorge has a few real haunts ideal for a Halloween adventure! 

Whipple Company Store 

The Whipple Company Store is full of dark mysteries and timeless history. From hidden safes and a secret second floor to the dark corners of the basement that was once used to store coffins, the company store is full of haunted surprises. Although no longer open for tours, our locals can fill you in on stories. Plan a trip to the Gorge to hear these tales about the coal camp lifestyle and the tragedies of the Whipple Company Store just in time for Halloween. 

Glen Ferris Inn

Locals and visitors have claimed to see a friendly, bearded ghost at this historic inn. Known as the Colonel, the ghost can be heard walking around the halls and closing doors. But, don’t worry; he is more playful than frightful! Book a stay at the Glen Ferris Inn and enjoy a memorable Halloween weekend in the Gorge. 


Thurmond, West Virginia

Ghost Towns

Looking for some history? Check out our ghost towns! Although spirits might not be present, the remains of these old, abandoned areas are pretty astounding to see. Explore these areas of the New River Gorge!  


Once a booming railroad and coal town, Thurmond now has a population of just five people. The well-preserved buildings of Thurmond, including hotels, a bank and the train depot will entice you to explore. The eerie atmosphere of Thurmond leads many to believe that this almost-abandoned town is haunted. See for yourself on a Thurmond Walking Tour


Kaymoor was once one of the most successful coal operations in the Gorge in the early 1900s. However, by the 1950s, thousands of families had moved away, and eventually the site collapsed. The National Park Service has since improved the accessibility for visitors by building steps down to the site from the trail. 


Nuttalburg is another abandoned mine town tucked away in the Gorge. The Nuttallburg Mining Operation opened in 1873, soon after the opening of the C&O Railway. There are several informative signs around the property that show what life was like in the coal camp settlement. Some of the key features include an array of coke ovens, a towering conveyor belt, homes and various mining structures. Explore the hiking trails of this nationally significant site this October. 


We are ready for Halloween. Are you? Start planning a spooky trip now!