7 Effort-free Tips to Be More Green for Earth Day

Our gorgeous New River scenery is a rolling playground for all our visitors, so we want to keep it pristine.
Earth Day WVHere are the 7 most effort-free ways to add some eco-friendly efforts to your everyday. Small changes add up! Mother Nature deserves every little bit of the love!
1. Unplug appliances when they’re not in use. They are still using power when they’re on standby. Just tug the plug.
2. Skip the drive every once in a while. Use a bike or public transportation. You’ll cut down on emissions even with a simple carpool with friends.
3. Buy local, or support green businesses. Actively choose green for goods you’re already buying. Support sustainable efforts in your community, and help reduce the amount of fossil fuels that major corporations deplete in their distribution process.
Your money is your voice in the consumer realm, so make a statement that you support local and green practices. If you must shop at large stores, look for more eco-friendly options, which many major retailers now carry thanks to this type of increased demand.
4. Reduce waste. Whether it’s recycling, reusing, or simply boxing up the last couple of bites to-go, lessening the waste in your daily life can be simple.
5. Use less water. Two of the biggest wastes? Watering lawns and washing cars. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth or as you shave. It only takes a twist of the knob!
6. Swap eco-friendly solutions for chemicals. Baking soda is a great bug repellant sprinkled around your garden, or mixed with water to soothe bug bites (which can be prevented with natural scents like eucalyptus.)
7. Minimize plastic. Get your own grocery bags, or reuse them. (Most of the nicer reusable bags fit more groceries, are more sturdy, and can putt less strain on you as you carry.) Bring your own washable cup for water instead of buying bottles.
How are you adding some green to your Earth Day?