New River Gorge Caving… and Dinosaurs?

Intrigued by what lies below the crust of the Gorge region? Explore the other side of the West Virginia’s beauty— the underside.
Gorge cavingDelve more than 100 feet below the ground into the Lost World Caverns to explore.
Among the massive rock formations towering from above and below, you can find the 30-ton “Snowy Chandelier,” one of the nation’s largest. There’s also the 28-foot “War Club,” which someone sat on for almost 16 days to break a world record.
You guide yourself through the cave’s loop at your own pace, but an information sheet will tell you more about the wonders of nature you’ll find inside.
If you want your cave trip to be more of an adventure, consider a Wild Cave Tour (which you can also book while at Adventures on the Gorge). Crawl through the tightest, deepest, darkest sections of the cave.
You’ll get muddy (bring a change of clothes), but if you venture through you’ll discover a  whole new layer of the cave’s beauty.
Speaking of excitement, there was once a bear in the cave. However, there won’t be any now, since that was all the way back in the prehistoric era.
But you can see bones and replicas of the beast from the prehistoric era. There’s also a museum on-site, where you can learn more about the creatures of the past. See powerful T-rex jaws lined with cutting teeth, or the hollow systems of bones from the early aerial predators.
Take the whole family deep into the Earth. You can plan your trip any time of year; it’s always 52 degrees in the caverns.
What do you expect to find under the Gorge?