5 Gorge Gift Ideas for Dad this Father's Day

Father’s Day is on its way, so it’s time to start thinking about how to show Dad you appreciate the heck out of him. Don’t wait until the last second to get your gift!

Quality WV time with Dad

Quality time in the WV wilderness is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day with Dad.

There are plenty of perfect Father’s Day trips and gifts in the New River Gorge:

1. Take a Swing at a Golf Outing

Is your dad a golfer? Treat him to a challenge with a rolling mountain course. Test your skills against him, or stroke his ego and learn from him as you play a round. Hawk’s Nest State Park has a great 9-hole course. The Bridgehaven course includes 18 holes, with an easy front 9 and an extremely challenging challenging second half. Play the first half as a warmup, or choose the 9 that fit your (and your dad’s) skill level.

2. Climb and Continue

How about something a little more physically demanding to do with Dad? Try a climbing adventure. New River Mountain Guides and Hard Rock Climbing can both take you out on a full- or half-day climbing and rapelling trip, and show you the ropes, literally. And it doesn’t have to be a 1-day-only adventure. Climbing is one of the more affordable outdoor activities. Start a new hobby together; grab some gear at Waterstone Outdoors, and keep climbing with Pop all year.

3. Drink up!

Does your dad enjoy a good brew? Take him out for a pizza and huge selection of drinks at Pies and Pints. Since he won’t be able to try all of the brews on the menu in a night, swing by Studio B afterward. Let your dad to create his own mix-and-match beverage pack to take home a few more samples.

4. A Day for Dad

Looking for a simple day of quality time? Take a hike or bike ride, then visit the Ansted Hometown Mountain Heritage Festival, where you’ll find special Father’s Day activities, in addition to live entertainment, vendors and craft and heritage demonstrations to try together. Top it off with Father’s Day Dinner at Smokey’s on the Gorge. If your dad has a WV ID, he’ll save 10% (or you will, since you’re getting this one, right?) You’ll also both be entered for a chance to win a guided fishing trip to take together.

5. Simple and Wrappable

Don’t have the time for a trip on Father’s Day? Try American Hardware for a gift you can fit into a box. The staff can gladly help you find something your dad will love. Or, appeal to his stomach with something spicy. Assemble a gift pack with kettle-cooked salsa and guacamole chips from Blue Smoke Salsa. The heat start at mild and kicks up all the way to Triple-X, which dares eaters with a “nearly dangerous” label.
What are you getting for Dad this Father’s Day?