The #1 National Park Trail in the Country is Here. (So are a few more Great Treks!)

10-Best and readers of USA Today finally figured out what we’ve known for a very long time when they named Endless Wall Trail the #1 trail to hike in the USA.
New River Gorge TrailIt’s true we had some stellar competition, going up against trails like Angel’s Landing in Zion and the Hoh River Trail in Olympic National Park, but the majesty and incredible beauty of the New River Gorge beat them all.
If you want to enjoy the stunning Endless Wall Trail, you also can check out these trails to discover new views and terrain in the Gorge:

Long Point Trail

A 3.2-mile round-trip hike that takes you out into the heart of the Gorge, Long Point Trail provides outstanding views of the Bridge, the New River and the cliffs of Endless Wall.
To get to the trailhead from  U.S. Route 19, follow Route 16 South through Fayetteville. Take a left onto Gatewood Road. After 1.9 miles, take a left onto Newton Road. The trailhead is on the left.

Stone Cliff Trail

A 2.7-mile riverside trail, this trail follows an old road past mine and mining town ruins, and has easy access to the banks of the New River.
To get to the trailhead from U.S. Route 19, take the Glen-Jean-Thurmond exit. Turn right and go 0.5 miles to Glen Jean. Turn right and follow the signs for Thurmond (WV Route 25). After 6 miles, you’ll come to a three-way intersection. Bear right and go 1.5 miles. Turn right on the gravel road and cross the New River. Follow the road to the parking area.

Bridge Trail

This steep trail is less than 1 mile, but gives you both a great workout and spectacular views of the bridge and the Gorge.
To get to the trailhead, turn off Route 19 onto Fayette Station Road, south of the New River Gorge Bridge. The trailhead is 0.8 miles on the right.
Which New River Gorge trail is your favorite?