You can shop directly from our Facebook Page NOW!!! Just message us or give us a call at (304) 900-5521 & we'll ship right to you!!! :) NOTE: SUMMER/WINTER HOURS DIFFER.
Twisted Gypsy's is all about being FUN LOVING....FREE SPIRITED...INSPIRATIONAL & trusting in GOD for FAITH & STRENGTH!!! We have an eclectic treasure trove of unique, affordable gifts! If you wish to purchase any items you've seen on Twisted Gypsy's page, or in our photos...feel free to message us with what your interested in along with your email address for Pay Pal invoicing, and we'll ship right to you! WINTER HOURS: 10AM - 5PM If you don't have a Pay Pal account, just give us a call in the shop (330-547-4000) with your payment info. Thank you so much for stopping in! God bless you one, and all!!! ~Kim