What is the Mystery Hole?

This believe-it-or-not astounding experience has intrigued many people both young and old over the years.  Many come time and time again just curious to know if they really did see what they thought they'd seen, or if their eyes were playing tricks on them.  Yet some have gone away so bewildered that they've headed in the wrong direction and became lost.  Very often keys get locked in the cars because the occupants are too anxious to see the MYSTERY HOLE and experience the Laws of Gravity in action.  This MYSTERY HOLE thing seems to affect different people in different ways depending on whether they cling to the new style education or stray to the plain old C.H.S. (common horse sense) method.  We have noticed that the highly educated folks do ask more questions than the lesser educated ones do.  Whatever these unidentified effects may be, they are believed not to be a serious threat to those searching for fun and excitement.  Weird offbeat attractions are not always easy to find in WILD, WONDERFUL, WEST VIRGINIA.  That's what makes the MYSTERY HOLE  a welcome change.  Many people have passed by this astounding mystifying spot without realizing just how near they were to a whole "HOLE" full of interesting, intriguing and incredible experiences.  Not responsible for accidents or after effects.  People with heart ailment or vertigo  - DO NOT ENTER!
Open May thru October