Explore the New River Gorge and go on a bear hunt in Oak Hill.  Some of our favorite spots in town have a black bear celebrating their business.  Check them out at these locations:
  1. Jim Lively Insurance
  2. Louisos Warehouse
  3. Pinnacle Chiropractic
  4. Dr. Paul Conley
  5. Oak Hill Public Library
  6. Davis Automotive
  7. Plateau Medical Center
  8. Historic Lewis House
  9. Hatcher Music Building
  10. Twisted Scissors
  11. Pendleton Community Bank
  12. Jan Care
  13. DTE Repair
  14. The Frozen Barn
  15. C&O Laundromat
  16. Dillon's Barber Shop
  17. The Hive
  18. Prudence Auto Service
  19. Prudence Auto Sales
  20. New River Gorge Visitor Center
  21. New River Intermediate School
  22. Oak Hill Rail Trail Depot
  23. Grant's Supermarket
  24. Oak Hill Police Department
  25. Little Caesar's
  26. McDonald's
To help you on your quest, stop by the New River Gorge CVB to get your free Scavenger Hunt booklet! Plus, grab selfies with Oakie and his buddies along the way and post your photos to social media using #GoGorge.