Cold Treats in the New River Gorge

The fall weather is teasing us with spurts of breezy weather, but the summer still keeps coming back strong with scorching afternoons. Good thing the New River Gorge restaurants provide chilled treats to help you keep cool.
Whistlestop TreatHere are 5 great cold dishes you can grab in the New River Gorge area to fend off summer’s final heat waves:

The Stache

A full array of frozen flavors of  summer heat’s #1 enemy–  ice cream. Step inside the brightly-colored downtown shop and choose your flavor of hand-dipped cones and shakes. And, if the kids are along, grab them a novelty toy or sweet from across the cartoon-collage bar.

Cafe One Ten

Serving up a classic summertime treat, Cafe One Ten‘s Tin Roof Sundae brings together the simple joy of a cold scoop of vanilla with the crunch of walnuts, the decadence of gooey fudge sauce and the richness of whipped cream for a perfect dessert.


Cathedral‘s baristas experiment with taste mixes all the time, so their blended ice drinks range from coffee concoctions to fruity shakes to odd liquid takes on every sweet under the sun. (Avocado milkshake? What?) Their unique rotating flavors include seasonal flavor favorites like Pumpkin Pie and Nutella milkshakes. They also like to a la mode their oven-fresh baked goods.

Whistlestop Junction

In addition to their many ice cream flavors and sundae treats, Whistlestop Junction offers Hawaiian Shaved Ice, with flavors of the week that switch from traditional strawberry to more exotic stylings, like passion fruit or caramel apple. (And dill pickle? What?) You can even get the best of both worlds: shaved ice sundaes.
How will you cool down from the New River Gorge sun?