Checklist: All the Best of West Virginia Holiday Gifts

Time’s winding down to find the perfect gifts for the holidays. Let us ease your search: the New River Gorge area is a one-stop shop for everyone on your list.
And we’ve made it even easier for you: here’s a mini checklist of WV-crafted New River Gorge must-haves. (** denotes that you can buy online. And we included the links, when available. Because we’re just extra helpful like that.)
Snowman Candle from Evan Scent Gift Shop
One among a host of deliciously scented holiday candles, the chunky snowman candleilluminates any home with winter cheer that will last past the holidays (if you can keep from using him up before then!) With a waxy carrot nose and an infectious charcoal grin, this unique treasure will fill a home with delight and seasonal scents.

Berry Bowl from Gauley River Pottery

**Hot or peach salsa from Blue Smoke Salsa
Everyone loves to eat! Unlike other WV salsas, these jars have been kettle-cooked to perfection. The “hot” flavor comes with a spicy twinge, but is still mild enough for most adventurous eaters. To crank up the kick, try the extra-hot or even the triple-X. Or, for a totally subdued but sweet flavor, pick up a jar of the signature peach. You can ten get combination baskets, full of a salsa assortment and selection of other WV treats. Maybe you’ll want to add on some homemade Blue Smoke Pepper Jelly or guacamole chips? (We do.)
Mountain Made Soap from Cathedral Cafe
With a kooky selection of gifts to delight hippies and hipsters alike, soap might be the last thing you’d expect to pick up at Cathedral Cafe, but its honey almond and plumeria scents are whirling through the cafe’s atmosphere right along with the smell of fresh coffee. With natural ingredients, this soft soap will leave you feeling cleaner than any suds you’ve soaked in before. And, might we recommend stuffing it inside a fabulously unique purse of wallet out of up-cycled materials? Pair it with some re-imagined record decor, and you’ve got a DIY gift basket.
**Peppermint Bouquet from Bessie’s Floral Designs, Inc. 
Nothing says “you’re beautiful, inside and out” like a gorgeous floral arrangement that reminds you of your own loved one’s beauty. A timeless display of love and caring, this vibrant red-and-white swirled vase is exploding with a Christmas-perfect palette. Continue with a lovely local spin on this classic gift by adding a box of chocolates.
**Berry Bowl from Gauley River Pottery
Glazed with patterns like earthy “Gauley Green” or deep cool-colored mix “New River Nights,” this kitchen addition is perfect for rinsing fruit or straining canned goods. With an easy- to grab and elegantly curved handle, this beautiful bowl is for the both form and function-savvy. For the kitchen-averse, try an old-fashioned cork-nosed piggy bank. It creates a nostalgic talking point in any room.
There’s so much more to be found here. Take a look at more of the shops full of souvenirs and gifts you can take home to wrap from the New River Gorge.
What WV-made present is under your tree this year?