How to Celebrate WV Day, from Here or Afar

Our still spritely state is a mere 151, but it’s still cause for celebration!
Dave-Fattaleh-BabcockToday, June 20, is the anniversary of West Virginia’s statehood. So, in honor, here are some simple ideas about how to celebrate, whether you’re here or paying homage from afar.
How to celebrate in WV

  1. Eat a pepperoni roll! It’s our state food, an invention of the Italian immigrants working in the coal mines.
  2. Have an adventure! It can be as quick as a stroll or as adventurous as a climb.
  3. Do a nice deed. Be neighborly and kind to someone around you. Show your mountain manners.
  4. Enjoy the scenery. BridgeWalk has discounts for residents today. Or enjoy a hike.
  5. Support local business. Eat somewhere local, or go to the closest Mom and Pop shop.
  6. Go to an event around town. Enjoy what you have in your area to its fullest.
  7. Forage. Even if it’s just berry pcking or plucking honeysuckle, enjoy some of nature’s native flavor.
  8. Watch the wildlife. Can you spot a deer? How many birds? Maybe you’ll spot one of the Gorge’s falcons, or the state bird, the cardinal.
  9. Show your state pride. A Facebook status, a WV sweater, or just a conversation can show off your love for WV.

How to celebrate from afar:

  1. Listen to some roots tunes. Enjoy some bluegrass, folk, or other homegrown genre popular in the Mountain State.
  2. Better yet, listen to a local WV band. There’s plenty of talent in every style, so if roots tunes aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy some mountain music.
  3. Sit on the porch. Any porch. Bonus points if you have a rocking chair to sit in as you enjoy the open air. A beloved state passtime.
  4. Support a local entrepreneur. Plenty of local shops will send out their wares online. In the gorge alone there are several, including Blue Smoke Salsa and Tamarack.
  5. Sport a WV team shirt! Maybe one from West Virginia University, Marshall University, or one of our minor league baseball teams?
  6. Plan a trip. Sure, you’re not here for the birthday bash, but a belated visit is better than none.
  7. Share your love socially. Tell others how much the state means to you. Maybe you’ll inspire them to explore its wonder for themselves.
  8. Catch up on state news! There are plenty of media outlets you can access online.
  9. Make your own pepperoni roll or mountain meal. Ramps, cornbread, blueberry cobbler, fried green tomatoes, squash, fried trout, casserole… need we go on?
  10. Go out and meet people. There’s nothing more WV than being friendly.

How are you celebrating today?