5 Best Ways to Celebrate West Virginia Day in the New River Gorge

West Virginia Day is coming up June 20! Where better to celebrate than in the outdoor heartland of the “wild & wonderful” Mountain State?
Here are our top 5 ways to celebrate West Virginia Day here in the New River Gorge:

1. Discounted BridgeWalk

WV Day Bridge Walk Celebrate with one of the best views in the entire state, which is already known for its beauty. For the occasion, residents can take the tour for only $29, more than 50% off.

Bridge Walk will take you more than 800 feet above the gaping gorge, along the catwalk of the historic and iconic New River Gorge Bridge, for a brilliant bird’s-eye view of one of the state’s most scenic spots.

2. Exploring

Celebrate the state by appreciating its natural beauty. Wander the trails through the forests, atop the cliffs or along the rolling river. Delve into state history by journeying out to find the ruins of its past, like the ghost coal towns tucked into the mountain terrain. There’s plenty of WV majesty to uncover.

3. WV Adventure

These lands aren’t just lovely! They call out to thrill seekers and nature lovers alike. Whether you want to test out our claim to fame, world-class whitewater rafting, or you just want to hop on a bike and trek the trails, there’s an adventure to suit every whim.

4. Supporting WV entrepreneurs

Our area breeds some fiercely independent and determined folks, who turn their dreams into a living. Help them keep those dreams up in the clouds, and support a WV entrepreneur. Whether you spend the day strolling the small-town streets looking for local shops, browse the “Best of WV” crafts at Tamarack, or order a little piece of this place online, your dollars can raise up an entrepreneur.

5. Plan a trip

Do all these things! You may not be able to get here right on WV Day, but work on getting together a trip to explore your favorite parts about our state. Taste Appalachian cuisine, explore the wild and wonderful, and learn more about why we love it here every day.

How are you celebrating West Virginia Day?