New River Gorge Camping Essentials: The Must-Have List

Camping is one of many ways to commune with nature here in New River Gorge country. Lots of folks visit and make camping part of their trip. It’s a fun and relatively inexpensive way to stay during your visit.
The Gorge has some great campgrounds with amenities, along with some primitive camping areas as well.  Many campgrounds are located close to adventure activities. But just as important as where you camp will be what you bring with you to camp.

A sleeping pad makes for a more comfortable camping trip

We are going to look at some of the essential items that will help make your camping experience as comfortable (and memorable) as possible.
We assume tents and sleeping bags are already on your camping list. Here are some other items that you may not have considered:

  • Sleeping Pad – These come in all shapes and sizes and make a huge difference when compared to sleeping on the hard ground. Air mattresses are great for this as well.
  • Tarps – These help in case of inclement weather. Hang them over your table, tent, and gathering areas in case it decides to rain. A small one under your tent helps keep ground moisture away and protects the tent floor.
  • Lanterns – Battery powered ones are fine, but if you plan on being up long after dark, a propane or Coleman fuel lantern will work better and last longer.
  • Flashlight – A couple of lights for the group is the minimum we recommend.  If you can, make sure everyone in your party has their own light. This is even more important if you’re camping in primitive areas with no external lighting.
  • Water – A few gallons of water will be necessary to help with cleanup, cooking , and of course for drinking.
  • Chairs – Camp chairs make a huge difference in your comfort level. Otherwise it’s rocks, logs, or the ground for you.
  • Firestarter Logs – These make getting a campfire started much easier and can be a must if you have wood that isn’t quite dry.

Other Items
Here are some other items you probably don’t want to be without during your stay in the great outdoors:

  • Coolers
  • Camp table
  • Throw rug
  • Can opener
  • Twine or cord
  • Rake and shovel

Good planning and a little research of camping areas around the Gorge can make for a great visit here with us. Have fun and enjoy your stay.
What other camping essentials do you recommend?