The Best Books About the New River Gorge

Still thirsting for more information about the New River Gorge after flipping through our blogs? Here are a few suggestions for further reading:
New River Gorge Trail Guide, Steve Cater
Any list of books about the New River Gorge must include a trail guide. One of the most diverse outdoor recreation centers in the world, the Gorge is a great place to hike or bike for breathtaking scenery, historic spots and challenges for all skill levels. A comprehensive look at all of the area’s hiking and biking trails, this book makes a great guide for any New River Gorge visitor.

The New River Gorge, by J. Scott Legg and the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce

True West Virginia Ghost Stories, Jonathan Moore
One of Appalachia’s most interesting cultural facets is the passing down of stories from generation to generation. While these folk tales range from simple stories of everyday life to metaphors of advice to live by, they also include the supernatural. Take a peek into the paranormal side of storytelling with this account of some of the state’s most spooky tall tales.
Matewan before the Massacre, Rebecca Bailey
A pre-account of one of the most impactful clashes in the struggle for miners’ rights, this book looks at the town of Matewan before the shots rang out. The political, economic and social factors that contributed to the final blowup are explored in more detail, digging into the environment that helped spark the revolution.
New River Gorge, J. Scott Legg
A photo chronicle of area history, the pages showcase the now abandoned towns of Thurmond and Kaymoor, as well as the evolving natural beauty of the landscape of the Gorge. It also includes current snapshots, with rafters and outdoorsmen alike in the untouched wilderness.
What Gorge book’s pages will you be flipping?