George’s favorite BASE-scouting spots

Howdy, folks! George here. I wanted to share some of my favorite spots to catch the Bridge Day action!
If you’ve never seen BASE jumpers and rappellers descending into the Gorge, it’s an incredible sight! That’s 876 feet of raw nerve.

1. From a raft

Class VI River Runners Inc Lansing WV

Rafting under the New River Gorge Bridge

What if you could watch parachutes drifting right at you?
Well, our whitewater outfitters can take you right under the New River Gorge Bridge! At 3,030 feet long, it’s the longest steel-arch span in the western hemisphere. Imagine the different viewpoint you’ll get.
You’ll also get serious bona fides just by rafting on the New River. Did you know it’s one of America’s top whitewater destinations? Pretty dandy!
But if you ask me, it’s thrilling enough just watching parachutes float toward you on Bridge Day.

2. Down by the banks

If rafting doesn’t float your boat, that’s not a problem. You can still get outstanding views from the canyon bottom.
How? Catch a ride with Into the Gorge shuttles! At $25 a person (plus $1.50 tax), it’s quite a deal. Just wait at either end of the Bridge for your ride. You’ll easily see signs for the bus.
Hop in, ride roughly 4 miles to the canyon floor, and sit yourself by the river. The views are almost as good as what you’d get from a raft!

3. Over the river and through the woods

Some of the most dramatic views of the New River Gorge Bridge are from a distance. If you prefer sweeping vistas over up-close-and-personal action, then you’ll like these hikes.
Long Point Trail is a gem. Walk 1.6 miles of mostly flat woodland and admire dazzling foliage as you go. Towards the end— say, .20 miles to go— the path gets a little rough. You’ll have to hop down boulders and twist through paths of rhododendrons.
But trust me, it’s worth it! All that effort pays off with jaw-dropping views of the Bridge, which stretches in distance. It’s so spectacular, words fail me, folks.
You won’t go wrong with Canyon Rim Boardwalk, either. It’s a short trek that only takes a few minutes to complete from beginning to end. Best of all, you’ll get dramatic perspectives of the Bridge. You’ll be pretty close to it, too. I particularly enjoy the way pine trees frame the view; it’s great for my Instagram.
Now, I’m an active fellow, so I don’t mind the walk back to the visitors’ center. But some folks might find the boardwalk a little steep. Keep that in mind before you journey out.

4. Over here by the snack stand

Quick confession: I’m a sucker for a pepperoni roll. Ever tried one? They’re warm rolls stuffed with zesty pepperoni and mild cheese. Natives like myself love these doughy snacks so much, they’re the state food of West Virginia!
During Bridge Day, be on alert for pepperoni roll stands. Trust me, you won’t go wrong planting yourself by one of these.
See you there!
What’s your favorite view of the Bridge Day action?