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10 Reasons to Visit the New River Gorge

Do you really need a reason? Just in case you do we’ve created a list of reasons, in no particular order of course. 1. Handmade Gifts People around here are creative and crafty. You can find one of a kind hand-made gifts: folk art or crafts, pottery, paintings and much more. All made right here…. Read More

Five Essentials For a Successful Day Hike in the New River Gorge

The New River Gorge is a day-hiker’s paradise. And having lived here for the last twelve years, I’ve been able to see many special places within the crevices of these mountains, and best of all, they’re pretty easy to access. Having several miles under my belt, I’ve learned what is most important to bring on… Read More

Tips For Spring Fishing in the New River Gorge

Spring fishing season in the New River Gorge and Southern West Virginia is well underway. With warmer weather comes the desire to take advantage of the many fishing opportunities that abound in our region. Trout streams are being stocked, lakes are recovering from the winter draw down, and water temperatures are rising. Area streams such as Laurel… Read More

Make Like a Bird and Take Flight

No, I’m not talking about a bi-plane ride or even a helicopter tour over the New River Gorge. I’m talking about an amazing ‘self-propelled’ flight that finds you racing through the treetops with the birds. It’s called many names: zip lining, zipping, canopy tour or (some might say) crazy. Jokes aside, it’s quickly becoming the… Read More

WANTED: Bird Nerds, Botanists & Nature Lovers

Applicants will share their day(s) with some of the greatest experts in the birding and nature world, taking in the flora, fauna and scenery so unique to the New River Gorge in West Virginia. Get geeked over great looks at great birds, plants with weird names and perhaps even discussions about salamander scat. Yes, scat…. Read More

Spring Rafting in West Virginia

When the daffodils start to bloom in Fayette County, it makes a raft guide’s heart pound and blood race – not because we’re really into flowers, but because blooming daffodils and singing frogs in ponds and puddles mean that whitewater rafting in the New River Gorge has arrived. Every spring, nature provides rafters with a… Read More

The Secret To Paddling The New River

If you come to the New River Gorge for a visit, it’s a good bet that you’ll want to see the river. And by “see”, we mean “do”, of course. More specifically, “paddle”. Paddling the river has some prerequisites. The place you’ll be going is, after all, a national park, and you’ll need to be… Read More

How To Pedal Your Way Through The New River Gorge

Mountain biking is a great way to get around the New River Gorge, even if (especially if?) you’ve never been mountain biking.  Just grab a bike, head out to the trail, and you’re off.  With the equipment available today, the sport is more accessible than ever before.  And the gorge is a cool place to… Read More