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Searching for winter wildlife

Now is one of the most rewarding times to hike. Silent and silvery, winter reveals animals you might ordinarily miss. A wild, wonderful habitat Ancient sandstone canyons, rushing water and thick foliage create a unique ecosystem: the New River Gorge. According to the National Park Service, it’s also a “globally significant forest.” You can find… Read More

Fragile landscapes: Stephanie Danz’s Mountain Art Glass

Wild, wonderful, poetic … the New River Gorge is a living masterpiece. And if you’re like Stephanie Danz, the region inspires equally impressive artwork. Mountain Art Glass It was love at first sight. When Stephanie Danz arrived in the New River Gorge in 1974 for whitewater rafting, she was smitten. The region’s wild beauty captivated… Read More

Be mine, Valentine: a New River Gorge guide

Need some ideas for Valentine’s Day? From simple hikes to romantic escapes, our region has lots of inspiration for February 14. A gorge-ous retreat Awaken your senses with healthy exercises and majestic scenery. Adventures on the Gorge in Lansing will have a special yoga retreat for beginners, right smack dab on the canyon rim! Lessons… Read More

5 New Year’s resolutions you have to try for 2018

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be cliche. In the New River Gorge, they can be downright awesome! Here’s how you can spice up 2018: 1. Ride some waves Ever tried something that’s world class? Some of America’s best whitewater is right here! Start your new rafting journey on the New River. Lively and occasionally… Read More

Home for the holidays? Check out what’s new!

More restaurants and attractions have come to the New River Gorge this past year. If you’re hosting friends and family for Christmas, treat them to some local color and flavor! Top Knot Coffee and Artisan Shop Meet Oak Hill’s first micro roaster! Locally owned and operated, Top Knot is a pleasant little retreat. Cheerful alpaca… Read More

Turkey talk: fun facts about Thanksgiving’s Gorge-ous bird

Tom Turkey isn’t just a tasty entree. He’s also got his wild side! Find out what makes this bird so unique— and where he likes to live in the New River Gorge. Feathered facts It’s tempting to think of turkeys as fat, sluggish birds. They fill up a platter during Thanksgiving, after all. But the… Read More

Thanksgiving: a dining and takeout guide

Love the idea of Thanksgiving but hate the preparation, logistics, and cooking? Never fear: the New River Gorge is here. Find out where you can go for dining and takeaway! Thanksgiving buffet at Smokey’s Steakhouse | Lansing Adventures on the Gorge makes Thanksgiving simple— and delicious. Its timber-frame restaurant, Smokey’s Steakhouse, is the place to… Read More

These 4 Halloween events are full of treats!

Nightmare in the Gorge | Oak Hill Friday-Saturday nights until Oct. 28 Darkness falls early in autumn— especially when you’re deep in the forest, far from the glare of streetlights. Think you’re brave enough for the wild West Virginia woods? Nightmare in the Gorge raises the intensity with “abandoned” buildings, zip lines … and a… Read More

1 festival, 4 events: your Bridge Day preview

Think Bridge Day is limited to a few hours? Not so fast. You’ll need an entire weekend for America’s most extreme sports event. Look forward to… Taste of Bridge Day October 20 Nothing signals the start of the weekend like a cheerful Friday dinner. And at Taste of Bridge Day, you’ll definitely get into the… Read More

Fall favorites in the Gorge

Think all the fun is gone now that summer is over? Think again. Autumn in the New River Gorge is deliciously exciting. Check out these seasonal hits. Tasty treats Think of fall comfort food, and the words “pumpkin spice” probably come to mind. There’s plenty of that going on in the Gorge! And even if… Read More

On your marks, get set, SUP!

Get ready for some fast n’ furious stand-up paddleboarding on September 17. The annual New River Gorge SUP Race has competitions, cool activities and rapids aplenty. Down by the river As far as events go, this is as casual as they come. A self-proclaimed “grassroots” gathering, the New River Gorge SUP Race is for amateurs,… Read More

Your Oak Leaf Festival sneak peek!

Got any plans for early September? Venture over to Oak Hill for 3 days of parades, rides, music and good cheer. Here’s what the Oak Leaf Festival is all about: September 1 After work on Friday, head to Main Street for an early taste of the weekend. Starting at 6 p.m., rides, inflatable bounce houses… Read More

Where bike trails and craft beer flow

Pedal, explore and dine. Meet Arrowhead Bike Farm, Fayetteville’s rustic-chic hangout and biergarten! This old barn Set against thick forests, the cherry-red barn seems reminiscent of years past. Yet Arrowhead Bike Farm comfortably belongs to modern times. Thanks to owners Rich Ireland and Adam Angelona, the barn straddles both timelines successfully. String lights hang over… Read More

Tour the Gorge from rim to river!

At long last, you can wander the Gorge like a local. Fayetteville’s newest company takes full advantage of what brings visitors to town: history, up-close views, thrilling adventures and local treats and eats. Simply leave your car behind! With Hills to Hills Tours & Shuttle, there’s no need to worry about parking or touring on… Read More

A little night music, with your meal? Get both in the Gorge!

No West Virginia outing should go without some tunes, particularly when dinner is involved. Add awe-inspiring landscapes and that weekend is looking pretty darn good. Here’s where to go for local color, sound and flavor: The Burrito Bar | Lansing Dine where the views are as vibrant as the fajita veggie quesadilla on your plate…. Read More

A Gorge-ous party: your July 4th guide

Spend America’s birthday in the New River Gorge! With dramatic fireworks over the canyon, parades and old-fashioned family games, it’s summer done right. Check out local favorites like: Adventures on the Gorge’s Family Carnival: July 2 Independence Day gets a head start at this Lansing resort. From 4-8 p.m., it’s the “land of the free”… Read More

New River rafting: what it’s all about

There’s no need to wait hours in line at an amusement park. Instead, play in the New River, where spine-tingling waves mix with lazy pools. Meet the New Some things get better with time, like violins and wine. Whitewater, too— especially if you’re into rafting. In fact, the New River is one of the world’s… Read More

George’s favorite summertime hangouts

Hey there, folks! As an outdoorsman, I love every season. Not gonna lie. But come summer, it’s impossible not to feel like a kid again. All that sunshine, you know? It’s like an invitation to play outside. I don’t care how old you are! Come hang out with me in the New River Gorge. I’ll… Read More

The most exciting music event of the summer!

Meet West Virginia’s answer to Woodstock. It’s almost time for the Mountain Music Festival! Get ready for stage-stomping bands, lakeside parties, workshops and more June 1-3. How West Virginia rolls Ask someone about the Mountain State, and he or she will probably mention music, outdoors and comfort food. Sampling all 3 is easy; just hop… Read More

The many faces of our wild, wonderful Gorge

It takes a village to make a vacation. National Travel and Tourism Week is here! To celebrate, we’ve collected details about our local economy and how it’s impacted by visitors like you— and the many folks who keep the Gorge going. The (tourism) Big Bang Travel. Most of us associate it with a destination, fancy… Read More

Meet local farmers— and shop for fresh food!

It’s almost time for the annual Fayette County Farmers Market! Head to Fayetteville and Oak Hill for vegetables, fruit, baked goods and delicacies fresh from the fields. Your open-air grocery store  This time of year, supermarkets stock up on summer favorites: corn, strawberries, tomatoes and the like. But imagine knowing exactly where all your food… Read More

Ramps, wild and on the menu

Supercharge your senses with this potent, punchy wild leek. It’s the limited release of the season: ramps! Harvest these plants or treat yourself to a seasonal meal in the New River Gorge. Either way, you’re in for an Appalachian treat. Wild, wonderful … and in-demand! It’s the best of both worlds: a wild leek that… Read More

What’s “growing on” in the Gorge

There’s a world-class ecosystem in our backyard. And now that it’s April, park programs, special hikes, and Earth Day events come into full bloom. Don’t let a single warm day go to waste. Strap on those boots and soak up glorious views and sunshine! Easter Sunrise Bridge Walk Be one of the first to greet… Read More

More fun is coming to the New River Gorge!

Whitewater rafting gets a high-tech upgrade. The New River’s legendary rapids have entertained folks for generations. Now, safety features and controlled rides make rafting more accessible than ever. Soon, the New River will be turned into a water park. Technical rapids, technical considerations Every river has personality, and the New is no exception. The placid Upper… Read More

New season, new deals!

Spring break starts now with these tempting offers! Old Man Winter has really been slacking off. Now it’s your turn! With special whitewater packages and zip lining adventures to choose from, it looks like a new season is finally here. Waves of savings  Beginning in March, ACE Adventure Resort has the earliest commercial rafting trips… Read More

Trivia time! Do you know these 11 facts about the Gorge?

Our wild wilderness has its quirky side. The New River Gorge teems with history, natural curiosities and memorable landmarks. With all that activity, it’s a trivia collector’s delight! Check out these nifty facts: 1. The New River Gorge Bridge appears on the quarter for West Virginia— an honor it swept from the Mothman. 2. Something… Read More

Top 4 excuses to book a winter cabin

Many of us may be dreaming of summer, but don’t rule out winter just yet – a snowy cabin vacation can be good for the soul! Here’s how to get cozy, well fed and entertained in the Gorge: 1. The Fayetteville dining scene Outdoor recreation might be the New River Gorge’s claim to fame, but… Read More

Sweet inspirations for Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” better than a special meal. Our bakeries, cafes, and restaurants have sweet and savory ways to help you celebrate! Dessert first Simple pleasures go a long way— especially if they’re warm from the oven. Oak Hill’s new Sugar and Spice Bakery will have heart-shaped cookies, iced and ready to go with… Read More

Walk, jog and race in the Gorge for 2017

Exercising for the New Year doesn’t have to be a grind. When you add waterfalls and clifftop views to your workout, burning calories is (almost) no sweat. Take a hike or run through the New River Gorge to make those New Year’s resolutions more manageable. Check out these hiking suggestions: Starter treks 1. First Day… Read More

George’s New River Gorge holiday must list

It’s the most wonderful time of the year— and in the Gorge! If you’re anything like me, the holidays are full of delicious pitfalls like candy canes, bread pudding and fruitcake for Christmas! But that’s OK, because heck— it’s only once a year, and you can always walk off that eggnog in the Gorge. So… Read More